Bertel O. Steen Security has provided X-ray inse for the norwegian security market since 1996.

In 2009 the baggage handling systems provider Airport Innovation become a part of Bertel O. Steen Security and the name was changed to DSG Systems AS.

A part of Bertel O. Steen group

DSG Systems AS is a fully owned subsidiary of Bertel O. Steen Industri AS and a part of  Bertel O. Steen group. 

A Bertel O. Steen company

DSG Systems AS is fully owned subsidiary of Bertel O. Steen Industri AS, and as such a part of the  Bertel O. Steen Group. 

Bertel O. Steen was established in 1901 by Bertel Otto Steen. Today the group is one of Norways largest service- and retail enterprises. The group consist of two main entities: Bertel O. Steen AS and Bertel O. Steen Invest AS.  In 2016 these two entities delivered in total a revenue of 14,4 billion norwegian kroner and employed 2306 man years.